SoftRAID 7 is Now Available!

SoftRAID 7 required for macOS 13 (Ventura)
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SoftRAID 7 for Mac is now available! The new version of SoftRAID is compatible with macOS 13 Ventrura, with support for all Intel and Apple silicon Macs, including M1 and M2 Macs.

No Visible Changes, Lots of Internal Changes

Every few years, Apple introduces a new version of iOS or macOS which looks very similar to the previous changes but has a lot of internal changes which improve performance or fix problems users are encountering. SoftRAID 7 is just like these macOS releases, there are not a lot of visible changes but there are lots of internal changes. These improve the performance and reliability of SoftRAID and will be a benefit for all our customers. Here are changes and improvements coming in SoftRAID 7.

What’s New in SoftRAID 7 for Mac

Improved Security

Every two years, we perform a security review of all of the source code for the SoftRAID application, softraidtool, SoftRAID Monitor and the driver. We always start this process by reviewing the most up-to-date information on malware and the techniques used to gain root access to macOS. We then review all the source code looking for instances were malware could use these techniques to gain access to macOS through the SoftRAID driver or application. After all, we would not want to be like other utility applications and have the notoriety of being a door though which malware takes control of your Mac.

This year, in our ongoing effort to provide the most secure storage software, we engaged a team of outside macOS security experts, one of the most experienced teams in their field, to review the SoftRAID driver source code. They performed a thorough review and identified several points where malware could have exploited the driver to gain control of macOS. We know of no instances where these vulnerabilities are being actively exploited but work to be proactive and close these vulnerabilities before they can become an issue.

New macOS Software Architecture

In the 20 years we have been developing and shipping SoftRAID, macOS and Mac hardware have undergone many significant architectural changes. We have always made changes in SoftRAID in anticipation of these changes. SoftRAID was the first RAID software on macOS to support startup volumes, TRIM on SSDs, use all the cores in your Mac’s processor, and have complete support for Intel processors.

With SoftRAID 7, we are continuing this tradition by introducing a new architecture in anticipation of upcoming releases of macOS. When the change gets introduced, it’s good to know SoftRAID already supports it.

New Driver Loading Architecture

In Apple’s continued effort to make macOS as secure as iOS, they have been increasing the checks they perform before loading third party drivers. Over the past two years, the driver loading process become particularly onerous and it has become our #1 customer support issue.

User are confused about the steps they must perform to get the SoftRAID driver to load. With SoftRAID 7, we have a new UI which, along with our new support pages and instructional videos, make this process much easier. We have further enhancements in SoftRAID coming in the future which will make this process completely transparent.

Improvements in macOS

Over the past 10 years, we have enjoyed a great relationship with Apple software engineers and have helped them identify and fix many problems with the storage software in macOS. This relationship has grown over the last year and we have been instrumental in getting Apple to fix many problems in macOS storage software.

In our testing we can say that macOS 13, Ventura, has the most reliable storage software of any version of macOS that we have used. If you use the volumes on your Mac intensively, say for ingesting or editing video, producing music or editing photos, we encourage you to wait for the release of SoftRAID 7 and then upgrade to macOS 13. This is especially true if you have a Mac with Apple silicon.

Perpetual License, Upgrade + Support Plan

While a lot of the software industry is moving to subscription license, we don’t feel this was appropriate for storage software. Why should you have to pay monthly to use your storage hardware you have just bought. So we will continue to provide a perpetual software license for SoftRAID.

Our Mac team spends almost 20% of their time, tracking down and characterizing problems with macOS. We then submit these as bug reports with Apple and work with their engineers to get fixes incorporated into upgrades or new versions of macOS. In addition, we train and staff one of the best customer support teams in the Mac market.

With the release of SoftRAID 7, we are introducing Upgrade + Support Plan, which gives you access to future SoftRAID upgrades and our world class customer support. If you received SoftRAID as part of a bundle with an OWC storage enclosure, you will be automatically enrolled in the Upgrade + Support Plan for the length of your hardware warranty. If you purchase SoftRAID software separately, you will receive one free year of the Upgrade + Support plan. You will be able to add additional years to the plan soon.

The Upgrade + Support plan enables us provide updates and features quicker to future releases.


SoftRAID features several different license options depending if the software was included with an OWC enclosure or if you purchased it by itself for use with a third party enclosure. Below are your upgrade options depending on the type of SoftRAID license you purchased.

Are You Upgrading to macOS 13?
If you are going to upgrade to macOS 13 Ventura, SoftRAID 7 is required. SoftRAID 7 brings full support of the new OS with powerful management and monitoring features and well as the new Upgrade + Support Plan.

If you are not upgrading to macOS 13 Ventura, you can continue to use SoftRAID 6 for Mac with your current OS.

You Can Always Access Your Data
With OWC SoftRAID, you are always in control of your data–you can always access files with full read-and-write capability. Whether your license is activated or deactivated on a system, you always use your RAID anytime, anywhere.

For full management and monitoring you do need an active SoftRAID license and now that is even easier with our new pricing + support and license management options. Deploying and using SoftRAID has never been easier.

SoftRAID included with an OWC enclosure
If you are using SoftRAID that came with an OWC enclosure, you may be entitled to a free upgrade to SoftRAID 7 XT, depending on your warranty status.

During the upgrade process you will be able to enter your serial number to see you upgrade options.

OWC SoftRAID (standalone)
If you purchased SoftRAID from the OWC Software Store or from a third party, there will be multiple upgrade options available and special pricing during the launch of SoftRAID 7. You view your available upgrade options when SoftRAID 7 is available.

To see you upgrade options please visit the OWC Software Store.

The Upgrade + Support Plan ensures you always have access to the latest version of SoftRAID and locks-in extra savings.

Upgrade + Support Plan Features

  • Free upgrades and updates with and active subscription
  • Access to award-winning OWC support via forums, email, chat and phone
  • By subscribing you can save roughly 25% of future upgrade costs.

    When you purchase or upgrade to SoftRAID 7 you automatically receive one year of the SoftRAID Upgrade + Support Plan. If you purchased an OWC enclosure you are also covered by the plan for the length of your OWC enclosure warranty, for up to 3 years.

    When you upgrade you have the option to automatically enroll yearly in the Upgrade +Support Plan and price protect additional SoftRAID upgrades going forward.