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Problems Using Gmail Accounts


You are a Gmail user and still unable to authenticate your email settings even after trying the other fixes listed above.


Gmail may require you to complete a CAPTCHA challenge if their security system observes “odd” login attempts.

What’s a CAPTCHA?

Some CAPTCHA triggers include:

A user tries and fails to log in too many times (how many is up to Google)
A user signs in from a new geographic location or internet provider for the first time (for example, a coffee shop)
A user has taken steps to overcome the OAuth problem by allowing less secure apps
For any of these reasons, Google may decide it needs you to complete a CAPTCHA in a browser before it can authenticate login. Google wants to be sure that the login is not a hacking attempt by some malicious computer program (bot).

If you want to read more, this page describes this issue pretty well:

To fix:

• In a browser go to:
• Complete the CAPTCHA
• Retry the “Send Test Email” button in SoftRAID