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How does SoftRAID collect data from our users and what do we do with it?

SoftRAID offers an option to share anonymous information about your SoftRAID installation and the health of the disks being accessed. This information is only sent to us if you explicitly agree by opting in (opt-in found here) to share it with us. The information collected DOES NOT include any user identifiers, email addresses, geolocation information, or any files.

What will this data be used for?

The anonymous data we collect will help us prioritize the development of new versions of SoftRAID. Our goal is to focus our efforts on creating features that have been most requested by our customers. And, with your help, we can accelerate this process!

The information shared by you about disks will be used to further improve SoftRAID’s ability to identify disks that are more likely to fail. We plan to publish failure statistics by brand and model once we have received enough disk data to do so. The collected information will never be sold or shared with a third party.