Generating a Tech Support Report with Terminal

In some rare cases (i.e, when disks are failing), you may not be able to create a SoftRAID Tech support file using the SoftRAID Application.

There are three main reasons:

  • The SoftRAID Application hangs when you try to create the file
  • You cannot run SoftRAID app (it crashes)
  • The System crashes when you attach your disks.

If your system crashes when you attach your disks, try this first:

  • 1. Launch SoftRAID
  • 2. Under the “SoftRAID” menu click on “Preferences…”
  • 3. Under both the “Mirror” and “RAID” tabs, disable “Automatically rebuild volumes”
  • 4. Click “Save”
  • 5. Restart and try to generate a Tech Support Report through the SoftRAID application again

If the SoftRAID Application crashes, you can create a Support File using Terminal.

    • 1. Paste this command into the Terminal application: softraidtool generatereport ~/filename
    • 2. Instead of “filename”, enter the following:
    • Your name and date as such: first.last.08.15.2019.sr_supt
    • (do not use spaces, that requires more complexity in the command)


    •  If your name is Jess Stewart and it is August 15, 2019, then you would use the following command: softraidtool generatereport ~/jess.stewart.08.15.2019.sr_supt
  • 3. Hit *Enter*