SoftRAID 6.2.1 for Mac is now available

At OWC, we work constantly to deliver the best software and hardware solutions so our customers have the best computing experience possible. We are excited to announce the release of SoftRAID 6.2.1 for Mac which adds compatibility for macOS Monterey 12.2, as well as bringing new features and improvements to SoftRAID.

Highlights of SoftRAID 6.2.1

– SoftRAID 6.2.1 is compatible with macOS Monterey 12.2.
– IMPROVED: support for exFAT volumes.
– IMPROVED: the driver to mark all SoftRAID volumes as removable in the IORegistry. This prevents a kernel panic when a SoftRAID Time Machine backup volume is disconnected.
– PREVENTS: a hang when erasing SoftRAID disks with Apple’s Disk Utility application.
– PREVENTS: a kernel panic when connecting SoftRAID disks to the USB-A port on M1 Macs.
– FIXED: an occasional kernel panic during prolonged i/o to a SoftRAID volume composed of NVMe blades.
– FIXED: a bug in the SoftRAID driver which causes the “Volume locked” dialog to mistakenly be displayed when a Mac comes out of sleep. Note: Users still receiving this error message in 6.2.1 have a hardware issue where disks are renumbered during sleep.
– FIXED: a problem in the SoftRAID driver which prevents validating nonRAID, RAID 0, 1 and 1+0 volumes.

You can download SoftRAID 6.2.1 here.