SoftRAID 5.7.2  adds increased compatibility for latest macOS 10.14 Mojave. OWC’s SoftRAID software RAID solution brings technology found only in data centers to workstations and editing bays. With five different RAID volume levels, SoftRAID has users covered – whether the emphasis is on the safety of your data, the speed of accessing that data or the best of both.

Enhancements to SoftRAID include:

  • Resolution to issue with the Gatekeeper code in MacOS 10.1.2 and later, which can inadvertently leave the SoftRAID application in quarantine, resulting in users receiving a quarantine warning dialog message (“You have just downloaded this application from the Internet, are you sure you want to open it?”), when SoftRAID is launched, rather than a one-time message when Gatekeeper is functioning correctly.
  • Resolved issue of SoftRAID volumes sometimes having incorrect permissions when first created or had recently been erased, which occurred more frequently with macOS 10.14 Mojave, and was amended in SoftRAID version 5.7.2.
  • Corrected concern with SoftRAID Easy Setup for SoftRAID XT and SoftRAID Lite XT that prevented consistent collaboration with OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad enclosures.
  • Resolved display issue in SoftRAID applications causing text in some dialog boxes to be clipped occasionally when run with some non-English languages.