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Whenever I startup my Mac, SoftRAID tells me one of my disks has errors. Why does this disk keep having errors?

SoftRAID maintains an error count for each disk. The error count is stored on the disk and allows you to determine which disk in your system is not reading and writing reliably. SoftRAID will display a dialog and send you an email if you have a disk with a non-zero error count. This happens every time you start up your Mac. Since the error count is store on disk, you can see which disk had an error days or weeks after the error occurred, even if you have restarted your Mac multiple times since then.

If you want to reset the error count, you can read the Disk IO and Error Counts help topic (available under the Help menu when running the SoftRAID application) for instructions. You should also read the help topic on disk errors to see the steps SoftRAID engineers recommend when one of your disks has errors.