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Watch the SoftRAID monitor

The SoftRAID Monitor (also known as the SoftRAID Helper) is always watching for disk and volume errors. When it sees one, it changes the color of the indicator in the menu bar and puts up a dialog to get your attention. It also writes an entry in the SoftRAID log so you can go back later and see what happened.

The SoftRAID Monitor shows as an icon in the menu bar (macOS) or the taskbar notification area (Windows):



The icon will change its appearance to warn you about problems:

A yellow indicator tells yout that one of your disks or volumes has an error, and you may be at risk of losing data.

A red indicator tells yout that one of your SoftRAID disks must be immediately replaced.

When the SoftRAID Monitor indicator changes to yellow or red, you should investigate the cause immediately. Launch the SoftRAID application and you will immediately see which volume or disk is causing the problem.

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