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SoftRAID is a powerful software RAID application for macOS and Windows. SoftRAID enables you can create RAID storage that gives you incredible speed, robust data protection and/or a mix of both, depending on the RAID level you choose. SoftRAID also includes powerful tools to test and monitor drives, so you can feel secure knowing your data is always stored safely.

SoftRAID makes RAID accessible for everyone – from home users to small business owners protecting photos and critical documents, to M & E professionals or researchers storing massive amounts of data and needing to quickly retrieve that data. SoftRAID provides a level of access and protection you just can’t get with other RAID solutions – including hardware RAID.

There are three different versions of SoftRAID, Pro, Lite, and XT, each designed to give you the tools you need for your workflow. To see the differences between each version please review the SoftRAID feature chart.

This guide will help you get started setting up and managing your RAID volumes.


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